Sunday, March 29, 2009

Malawi "Group 1" Ready to go

Hi Sweat Equity Blog followers. We are getting ready to set out on our next venture to Malawi, Zomba district to work with Emanuel International on water wells and Dignitas at there medical centre. We are also going to work with some schools and do some village sanitary training and home-based care. We have a lot on our agenda for group 1 and group 2 and are now getting excited about the challenges ahead.
Chris Snyder and Tom Sears will be leaving this week as the advance team to make all the final arrangements for the team 1 leaving April 9th and team 2 leaving April 23rd. We hope to have a blog of interesting daily activities posted each day while there and hope they will be of interest to our friends, family and fellow Rotarians.
Just so we don't forget our own weather just a few weeks ago, I am posting some photo's as a reminder. The rainy season should now be over in Malawi and the weather should be good.
By Jim Stewart