Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have seen hope

Sunday, Jan 9, 2011

Around 10:00 am in the morning we all went to church in our Sunday best! Four men, four children and six women followed the trail through the nun’s residence and up a grade between two huge trees to the Catholic Church.

We walked through the middle door of three wooden doors. All the children were arriving in
colorful clothing. All eyes were on us.

We followed the lead of the elderly and the children sit stand, sit stand. The children’s singing to a drum was breathtaking. The priest had the children (approximately 400) welcome us. We shook hands saying peace be with you. Diane, Audrey and I had communion - Roger was chicken!

Leaving the church the children filed out quickly. We took pictures, shook hands and showed the children our pictures. Sunday was a great day – tomorrow we get to work!!

By Kathy Nimz

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Gary said...

Hi sistah,
How was the communion? Going to the church and seeing all the children must have been a very spiritual time for you. I know I would have been teary eyed. I am glad you got to attend their church ceremony and hear the children sign. There is nothing to me as beautiful as the sound of children singing. Love you