Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kilema Hospital visit

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diane and Kathy attended the morning report at the hospital. We listened to prayers and sang “SIMBEYA” in Swahili. No one laughed at us! After report, we were invited to the operating
Theatre to see a cesarean section. A beautiful baby boy was born – mom and baby doing fine.

While there were some differences to Canadian operating room practices, there were many

Dr. Masawe was very pleasant and answered our many questions. He even had a few questions
For us!

By the nurses


Sue Leach said...

Hi Kathy and Dianne,
Great photos at the hospital. I saw a colleague of Kathy's today in Alliston. Debbie McKnight was attending a workshop at the hospital. Debbie is my cousin by marriage. I told her to check out the blog. Enjoy your time in Kilema.

Widit McLean said...

Sounds like fun, Diane! Have you been able to make rounds at the hospital too? Keep cool!

G Buddy... Janice said...

Hey Kath, what a sweet bundle of joy all wrapped like a present. Welcome to the world "little one".
Love from Home...........J

joanne stewart said...

Hi Diane,

I am really enjoying the blog. Looks like you are having a great experience. Keep up the good work. The picture of the baby is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return. Stay safe.

Love Joanne

Gary said...

Hi Sistah,
I am so proud of you. This is really cool that we can do this and you are all the way in Africa. You must be having a great experience. Gary set me up so I could be able to do this. I hope you and your team are all doing well. It is exciting to see your first baby boy in Africa. That is so cool. love you and miss you