Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kilema Primary

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today was a national holiday in Tanzania, Zanzibar Revolution Day.

However it was not a holiday for the 2011 Sweat Equity team as painting continued today on the Kilema Primary school complex.

Kilema Primary was a District 7070 Sweat Equity Team project; along with private donors the project funded the building of the 8 school room complex.

This trip requires the prepping and painting of 3 of the classrooms. Painting continued on Wednesday and should finish up on Thursday.

The four accountants in the group are weary from the physical labour and dream of their laptops back home.

By Bill Wray


debbie pimentel said...

Hi Irene..Happy Revolution Day!!!I see Frankie has gone to school on a National Holiday..Good for him...Thank you for sharing your experiences with us..looks like an amazing time..what a great experience...Keep up the great work...ttyl

John E said...

Great pics and stories. Hope Kelly Queen of the Furrows can live up to her reputation? There may be a whole new meaning to the words "your highness " by the time she leaves. Good luck with the projects.


G Buddy... Janice said...

Hey Kath, we got about a foot of snow here in the maritimes yesterday and last night! Thinking of you in Tanzania..... Love seeing all the posts. Sending you a snow ball!
Love from home. J

Samantha said...

Love the picture of Nate - hope everyone, accountants especially, are enjoying the sunshine and time away from their laptops!

kris devon said...

Good job Painting Nate

Sue Leach said...

Hi Folks,
We loved to see the pics of Nate and Frankie. We hope the kids are really enjoying themselves.